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QR Codes (Quick Response):

What are these Funny Little Images?

100 Million Smartphone Users expect the best companies to use these codes for extra information and special offers!


Why Should You Be Using These in your Marketing Campaigns?

  • QR Codes grab attention
  • QR Codes take advantage of Mobile Phones
  • QR Codes can display Mobile Coupons
  • QR Codes allow the business to build lists of interested buyers
  • QR Codes contain information about your products and services


How Do QR Codes Grab Attention?

  • QR Codes grab attention because they stand out
  • QR Codes can have your logoo embedded into the image
  • QR Codes can be in color
  • QR Codes uses are lonely limited by your imagination


Instant Response Marketing


QR Codes Allow you to Market in a Very Cost-Effective Manner?

  • QR Codes allow a company to save on printing new flyers
  • QR Codes can print on other things besides business cards and flyers such as rubber stamps
  • QR Codes can print on any marketing products such as T Shirts and Mugs
  • QR Codes need to be printed Anywhere and Everywhere that you put your company name
  • QR Codes can be used in store windows and ALL advertising



You Need to Put a Code EVERYWHERE that You Put Your Company Name!

Millions of Smartphone users expect the best companies to use these codes to link their website, and links to extra information and special offers.

Put one or more on business cards, flyers, store windows, and on all advertising. Get started now. 707-843-3775


My name is Julie Nation. I have been in business for 35 years. I thought that my website, JulieNation.com, was doing just fine the way it was, why would I need any search engine optimization?

On the recommendation of a business associate, I approached Page One Web Results with the idea of increasing my internet exposure. At that time I was not on the first page of Google for any primary search term that could bring me more students.

Page One Web Results did a thorough analysis of where my website currently stood against the competition, and gave me a realistic view of where I coud be in just a few months.

I said "OK, let's put it to the test"

The very first month I went from the third page of Google to #1 for "modeling schools california" and "talent schools california". That's competing with all of the big organizations in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

And the same keywords without the word "california"? Well, I am #4 for "modeling schools", and that's competing with the whole world!

So for anyone reading this, put a crowbar in your wallet and just do it!

If it works for me, it'll work for you too. Page One Web Results is the best SEO company in Santa Rosa and the world!

Julie Nation
Founder and President of Julie Nation Modeling Academy, Santa Rosa and San Francisco

707 575-8585

Hi, I'm Diane McGregor. I own a needlepoint shop in Windsor California named The Regal Rabbit.
My website is a-z-needlepoint.com

I had worked with several SEO firms and search engine specialists, I was always up and down in the search engines.
Then I found Page One Web Results. The best search engine optimization company in Santa Rosa for search engine marketing too.

There are 3 important search terms (keywords) that are the lifeblood of the internet side of my business.

Needlepoint Canvas, Needlepoint Yarn/Thread, and the names of the top needlepoint designers.

I am now #1 in Google for all of these

If you don't think that needlepoint is very competitive, search Google for "needlepoint canvas" WITH QUOTES to get the number of web pages with that exact phrase, and Google says that there are 81,400 web pages with that exact phrase.

A to Z Needlepoint
8499 Old Redwood Hwy #111
Windsor, CA 95492

(707) 838-0220

Karen Simmons here, from AutismConferences.com

#1 Google for Autism Conferences in just 3 weeks, what else can I say?

Page One Web Results delivers just like they promised.

Autism Conferences
Sherwood Park, Canada

(780) 417-5336       AutismConferences.com